Reaching sustainable solutions through urban green spaces

As businesses and companies integrate green solutions to their core operations, offices find it the best opportunity to promote their environmental initiatives and demonstrate it through subtle and captivating means. So, call it a bonus (or a necessity) to find an outdoor garden deck right beside anyone’s average office space.

In Reach, tenants and guests have the splendid access to the pocket garden loft, located on the 5th floor, where they can enjoy the fresh air, the simple city views and the brief glimpse of Mother Nature. It is the ideal place to meet up with close friends, socialize with them and relax under the shade of Reach’s towering presence.

During turbulent times, office spaces should not be the first place where people get stressed from. At most, they should benefit to the health, security and wellness of the occupants. The natural light, air quality and pocket spaces proves that. Not only that, such spaces should recognize its impact on the environment, the structure’s stability and the productivity of workers.

And Reach’s pocket garden deck is one of the many features that the tower maximizes to uphold a high standard of architecture, design and sustainability.

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