Choosing the perfect office location for the modern-day commuter

With the new normal taking back several routines pre-pandemic, one of the habits for the modern-day commuter also makes a comeback: traffic. Heavy traffic is one of the challenges to consider when business, companies and startups map out their office’s potential location. All must regard the convenience both of their workers and clients and whenever traffic volume becomes a detriment.

Looking at Reach, its location is effective and strategic when it is positioned at one of the most accessible throughways in the Metro. The office is few paces from the intersection between EDSA Extension and Macapagal Avenue. The EDSA Extension also leads to two train hubs: EDSA LRT Station and the Taft Avenue MRT Station.

The Macapagal throughway also directs to the NAIA Expressway, which provides accessible links to the three NAIA terminals. Airplane travelers and clients after their flight can gain access through these roads to lead them to Reach. And it being strategically situated at the heart of the Bay Area, Reach serves as a gateway to the finest commercial, entertainment and recreational destination of the city. Tenants can have the endless convenience to gleaming shopping malls, neighboring food hubs and sprawling tourist attractions.

It truly proves that an office space can accommodate the most refined convenience when its location is set to nearby transportation links, gained access to nearby facilities and bolstered by its presence on its location. The most ideal and strategic location for your office is always within your reach.

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